Sunday, December 10, 2006

Time's up & ready to go!

Blogging is really cool, helps you to open up and share your views and ideas without any hindrances. It is definetely for someone who holds back ideas and opinions, not able to express even though there is so much in the mind. When it comes to expressing opinions to whole world, resources at a very high level are needed, like access to be a publisher in a magazine or book or paper, or access to media (it is a dream to get 30 seconds spot on national television!). But with the advent of blogs - some of them are freeee - it is just a matter of minutes and attitude to express oneself.
More to come soon... Will pick up a subject and write on it. I have been reading others blogs and found that either they are free flowing with whatever they have in their mind or be specific to an event or topic. I would rather do both, as a regular exercise to post something every day, choose between the two depending on what is going on around!
What do you think?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day one!

Nothing for today. For tommorrow?